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We are experts in hygiene. It is the commitment that we make to our customers. Our job is to be the experts, focused on taking care of the essentials, so our customers can focus on what they do best.

Feminine Care

Minimize the spread of germs from sanitary waste.

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Floor Care

Learn how to reduce floor repair and maintenance cost.

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Premium Scenting

Learn what Premium Scenting can do to help your business.

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We are a global company, organized to deliver at the local level.

You gain access to world-class hygiene service based on our extensive experience and industry leading research and development.

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We have solutions to help all types of customers, wherever they are, and whatever the nature of their organization.

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Scenting for Your Business

Sensory marketing has slowly transformed into an important role to drive business revenue. This is because scent marketing is able to speak for your brand, turning branding opportunity to loyalty and best yet, to distinguish your brand from others.

Premium Scenting by Initial hygiene uses aroma diffuser technology that provides consistent scent coverage. Together with professional air-flow assessment, expert installation and servicing, you can put your trust in Initial to create a relaxing and inviting environment for your customers and employees.

Hotel and Resort : Enhance guest experience and brand loyalty 

Hotels and Resorts

Scenting the hotel lobby helps to enhance the aesthetics of the environment by offering a warm welcome effect to your guests. An independent research agency, ICM revealed 77% of guests said a pleasant smell have a positive impact on them while 43% said they would regret or reconsider checking into a hotel if an overpowering smell is present.

Scenting establish brand image, increase customer engagement and loyalty by creating the right impact with guests from the moment they walk in to your hotel until the end of their stay.

Retail and Shopping Mall : Enhancing shoppers experience 

Retails and Shopping Mall

Research shows that every 3 out of 4 people have been impulsively drawn into a store by a smell, convincing buyers that the environment or product is of higher quality. Also a considerable 90% of consumers would either walk out of a store or speed up their browsing if they didn’t like the smell inside it.

Ambient scenting not only can entice people to walk into the premises but also influence emotion, decision making and boost sales. Even the automobile industry is compelled to use scenting to create a pleasant ambience and at the same time expressing the values of the vehicles on display in car showrooms.

Offices : Enhancing employee productivity


Scenting a commercial office or environment can create a more pleasant image and efficient workforce. It is based on research that shows employees working in a scented office demonstrate a higher self-efficiency, reduced stress levels, are more alert thus improved productivity. Improved air quality that reduces harmful pollutants and odors for the health, safety and well being of your employees.

The Power of Scenting
Find out why Premium Scenting is such an effective branding strategy.
What are the Benefits of Scenting?
Find out the benefits of scenting for your business.
Scenting FAQ's
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