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Scenting FAQ's

Why should I scent my space?

Smell being the most evocative of the five senses when triggering memory, it is a powerful marketing tool that engages your customer's sensory emotions, recalling nostalgic memories, that can lead to purchasing decisions.

Circumstantial to what you require Premium Scenting for it can assist you with:

  • increasing dwell time as research shows 40% of customers stay longer in a pleasantly scented environment
  • increase customer loyalty by engaging customers with your brand
  • enhance customer experience by providing a pleasantly scented environment
  • increased revenue
  • odor remediation

How does Premium Scenting work?

A typical scenting system uses a wet aerosol of perfume, sprayed into the air. With Premium Scenting, the scent is diffused with a patented diffusion system. It converts liquid fragrance into a 'dry aerosol' that permeates an intended space via a small quantity - just enough for a subtle yet pleasant scent. Due to this cutting edge Micro-technology, the scent remains in the air for up to 16 hours, for you to maintain a scented environment for longer periods of time.

How about installation and servicing?

Our Premium Scenting Specialist and Installer will work with you in regards to the most appropriate place to install your Premium Scenting unit. The power for this unit is as little as 110V AC, which can be easily installed via an electrician. Once the power outlet is ready, Initial will install your unit and service in accordance to your contract.

Is the fragrance safe for human occupied space?

Fragrances are completely free from harmful VOCs. Maintain superior scenting efficacy at ultra-low concentrations of less than 1 Part Per Million (PPM) well below the 50 PPM (allergenic & toxicity thresholds) for trigger of immune deficiency based allergic response. Our scents are REACH Compliant (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction Chemicals) and IFRA Certified (International Fragrance Association) and have passed Food & Drug Administration in the Philippines’s (FDA) standard giving each variant a Certificate of Product Registration.

Does the fragrance leave surface deposit in the area being scented? How about on food?

Using ultra-light and ultra-fine micro particle generation, an average of 1 micron is achieved allowing scent to blend in uniformly throughout indoor space without leaving surface deposit in the area being scented.

Does the fragrance leave residue in the AHU?

At a particle size of 1 micron and ultra-low concentration of less than 1 PPM, the absolute number of droplets injected to the air handler relative to the total amount of air in the air handler is so minute that the creation of residue is nearly impossible.

Will the fragrance cause discomfort?

The fragrances containing air-treatment agents earned Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits through significant improvement in overall indoor environmental quality. They are quantified in terms of improvement in occupant comfort in the following ways:

 a. reduce residual odors due to tobacco smoke

 b. reduce indoor air quality problems resulting from construction or renovation of facilities and promote well-being of workers and occupants (paint, furniture, lacquer, etc.)

 c. reduce quantity of day to day indoor contaminants that are odorous and irritating to the comfort and well-being of the occupants. (copiers, furniture, exhaust smoke, detergent, etc.)

 d. minimize occupants exposure to potential hazardous particulates and chemicals pollutants (industrial pollutants from production or manufacturing facilities)

Does the fragrance comply with any standards?

The fragrances are compliance with the following:

 a. The U.S. state of California Prop 65 and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) restrictions of VOCs

 b. The Standard of International Standard of Fragrance Association (IFRA)

 c. The standard of Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM)

 d. The Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA)

 e. The standard for inhalation by the U.S. Dept. of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Sub part Z, Toxic and Hazardous Substance – 29 CFR part 1910 of Occupational Safety & Health Standard

 f. Food & Drug Administration Philippines (FDA)